Adulthood is Draining, Enjoy your Adolesence!

Left with Few months to attain adulthood and yet it feels like I’m clocking 50. Adulthood indeed is draining! So much to think about, so many things to organize, and a never-ending list of objectives to accomplish.

When you make a mistake as an Adolesent, no one blames you because they believe, it’s “puberty”, you’ll definitely grow up some day.

But being an adult is plagued with a lot of responsibilities. The least mistake you make, triggers the ‘whole World’ to come crawling and throwing blames at you because, “You are an adult, you should have known or done better”.

It’s draining. I wish they could be medication against adulthoodπŸ˜“

Adulthood is not only draining; it is also annoying . From one issue to another, all hopes are held high on you. A mistake shouldn’t be part of your dictionary; everyone expects you to be perfect like a role model, especially to your younger ones.

From thinking about getting a job, to thinking about taking your independence, solving family problems, falling in love, getting married, to having kids, Ewww!!! It’s so boring and strict. Adulthood is really draining!

I’ll soon be getting in to it.

Right now, I get everything that I want. If I want something, my parents find a way to get for me. I don’t really know what’s going to happen to me in some few months to come when I officially become and adult. I’ll have to start striving for my self. πŸ˜“

I’m not depressed, I’m just thinking.

Adulthood means stop doing things out of the wimp: Let your brain lead you.

Thinking about how draining adulthood can be including the responsibilities, OMG!! I often wonder how adults cope with such a life.

Nevertheless I’ll soon be there. Wish me luck guys! And for those that still have a long way to get there, make the most out of your adolescence.

Not today adulthood, I still got some few months leftπŸ˜‚

Note: in Cameroon, my country of origin and residence, adulthood is 21years. This is as opposed to other countries where the age of adulthood is 18years or 16years exceptionally.

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  • Adulthood is Draining, Enjoy your Adolesence!
    Left with Few months to attain adulthood and yet it feels like I’m clocking 50years. Adulthood indeed is draining! So much to think about, so many things to organize, and a never-ending list of objectives to accomplish.
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  1. Adulthood is draining. Stay a kid as long as you can. I’m entering the other side of life. Nobody blames me for stuff these days. I’m a senior citizen, so all of my bad decisions can be blamed on dementia. It is very liberating.

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