What a wicked World: Check how innocent people contract HIV/AIDS

The increase in the number of HIV infections in our present generation is not a mere coinsidence.

One of the most wicked and rampant happening nowadays is, the intentional infection of HIV- patients by HIV+ patients.

How is this done?

This is done when a carrier intentionally have unprotected sex with another who is not a carrier with the intention of transmitting the virus.

Not sure this is accurate but, please know your status.

Why do they do so?

The reason for this is based on certain absurd excuses such as “I didn’t infect myself “, “someone else Infected me”, “why should I die alone”, “someone has to pay” and many others.

HIV/AIDs does not discriminate.

Hmmmm! The world we live in😞, what a world!

The rage they carry inside them, the fear they endure, and the pain they go through, are enough reasons for them to seek revenge.

Nevertheless, they are right though! They didn’t infect themselves, someone infected them whether intentionally or unintentionally. However, it does not exonerate them from the inhumane practice of sharing the virus with others.

A drop of blood is all it takes to get infected.

Adolesence! Young adults! Adults!, Flee! Yes flee! I say Flee from sexual immorality. Say NO to Pre-marital sex, NO to multiple sex partners, NO to sharing sharp objects, NO to blood oaths.

Say YES to Virginity, say YES to abstinence, Say YES to medical examinations before marriage, say YES to Fidelity.

What then happens with the 75%? Please be wise.

Not every handsome guy or beautiful girl you meet is worth having sex with. Some people just want to destroy your life especially as theirs has been destroyed too.

If you are positive, it’s ok, there’s no big deal. Just keep taking your treatment, and be honest to yourself about your status. If married, a lot of caution should be done during sexual intercourse to avoid infecting your partner and at child birth.

Being HIV+ is not a Crime.

Please avoid sleeping around with the aim of transmitting the virus. It is not only bad but it is inhumane.

Please let’s all learn and avoid stigmatizing others.

If you are negative, it’s ok. Just take the necessary precautions not to get infected. But, bear in mind that your HIV negative status can change to positive at the least mistake.

HIV is real! Many people are out for destruction. Abstinence is the role model!

Prevention is better than cure!
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    1. Thank you so much for finding time to read and comment on my posts. Trust me, your comment is an encouragement to me.

      Reading the politics and capitalism you mentioned, everyone has the right to his or her own view.


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