The Impact of Covid-19 on Good Hygiene

When I was little, it was well known that we had to wash our hands before and after meals inorder to kill germs. This is because germs were believed to be carried in our hands. But nowadays, we are advised to wash our hands as often as Possible, to prevent the infection of the covid-19 virus.

This is how often we were required to wash our hands years back!

How then can we explain that, we have shifted from washing our hands before and after meals to washing our hands almost all the time!

Due to Covid-19, we now wash our hands even without seeing food😅😅. This is hilarious!

Let’s wash it away!

Covid-19 has led to the emphasis in the area of hygiene. We are now required to wash our hands and surfaces often in order to get rid of the virus.

In your opinion, is the hygienic conditions brought about by covid-19 good or bad? [I wish to see your reaction in the comment section]

In my opinion, covid-19 has positively impacted the hygiene of the society. Now, we are more careful and conscious about our hygiene thus our health.

Washing of hands and surfaces have not only gotten rid of the virus, but also many other germs. Good hygiene is very important as it plays a great role to having a good health.

Together, let’s wash off the virus and germs.

I’m not denying the adverse effects of the covid-19, I am looking at it from an optimistic point of view- the view of Hygiene. We have always seen the virus in a perstimistic way, just trying to turn tables round.

There is a connection between our hygiene and our health.

With this, it means everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. And I’ll like to know yours in the comment section.


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  1. The question I’ve been asking myself since this pandemic began is: is it really worth believing the pandemic exists? Cause I see no proof of that. So, as for me, I’ll not change my old hygiene manners😤😤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmmm!!
      Well, at this stage, I don’t honestly think we should still be at the level of asking questions about the existence or non-existence of the pandemic.
      Rather, looking at the far-reaching consequences caused in most countries in the world, I think we should better observe the safety measures.
      And as the saying goes, Prevention is better than cure.


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