5 Effective ways to stop Drug Addiction: No 1 will shock you.

Are you struggling with drug addiction? Do you know anyone struggling with drug addiction? Are you interested in helping people suffering from drug addiction? Do you want to stop being a drug addict? Then continue reading to know more.

It’ll be interesting to know what drug addiction is before we proceed to the content proper;

Drug addiction is an urge to take drug that is hard to control or stop. If you use drug like marijuana (weed), cocaine, and heroin, you could become addicted to them. They can really hurt you and could even kill you.

Drug addiction is real: stop it when you can!!

The excessive consumption of illegal drug such as Cocaine, Marijuana, etc has not only led to the death of most youths, but it has destroyed the future of many youths.

I have seen most youths that are addicted do the unimagineable because of their addictive desires for drug intake. Inorder to have money, some will sell everything, others will steal, some will give up their bodies, generally they do all sort of unimaginable things inorder to get money to buy drug.

Even in instances when the money is available, the effects of drug addiction is enormously felt.

The worst of part of addiction is when an addict can’t afford the price of the drugs, that’s where all types of Evil begin!

Here are 5 ways to completely stop being an addict;

1. Admit you are a drug addict.

It might seems very easy but it is one of the main reasons why some people don’t overcome drug addiction because they refuse to admit that, they have a drug addiction problem.

Once you admit to yourself that you have a drug addiction problem that is, you are dependent on drugs and can not do without it, it is a great step towards quitting addiction.

Admitting to have a drug addiction problem is the first bold step of being cured!

2. Ask for Help

It could be an individual or a professional, it doesn’t matter, open up and ask for help. Sadly but truly, you need it.

A person in a cool mind will now listen to you and analyze your problems and advise you on a better solution or plan to set you free from the addiction.

Don’t ask an addict for Help: “the blind can’t lead the blind”

N.B: Don’t ask for help from another addict. An addict cannot help another addict.

3. Take your treatment seriously

Whatever treatment is prescribed for you, take it seriously: it is important for you to be consistent and determined to get well, else you might relapse.

Relapse is real, take heed less you relapse: and even if you relapse, you can still be sober!

4. Know that, the treatment will not be easy

The treatment will not be an easy procedure; some tasks might be easy while others will be difficult. Some of the procedures might be mental while others might be physical, but know that, it’s all for your good.

Persevere, endure and break free, but above all, Never Give up!!

5. Set limits not to fall back in to addiction.

During your recovery process if it’s from alcohol, do not go to a bar: from drugs, avoid night clubs: from smoking, avoid friends who smoke: check your surroundings and take your distance from the people who are likely to make you stumble back in to addiction.

The type of people you surround yourself with can make you relapse!

Don’t try to play “Tough ” by mixing up with people who have thesame problem and claim you are breaking free from addiction or you are free from it. Remember even the Bible says bad company corrupts good character.

Avoid things or people that can cause you to relapse. And also seek for Divine Grace to help you break free from addiction.

Drug free youths are better leaders of the society!


  1. « The excessive consumption of illegal drugs such as Cocaine, Marijuana, etc has not only led to the death of most youths, but it has destroyed many people’s future. » this issue is serious and most people are looking for help but cant find one, where can one find help with addiction ?

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  2. Hello Che Anita, I am reblogging this on Sponsler Ink: Am I Addicted? This is a trues blessing of a post. I have just begun to refocus my blogosphere and since I was an addiction counselor for 13 years, I enjoy helping people face their addictions, find treatment, etc. Blessings and honor, Christine C Sponsler

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  3. This is the most simplistic and ridiculous attempt at helping addicts I’ve read. While I applaud your attempt to provide direction, addiction is far too complex and case-specific to just tell people “don’t go to the bar”. The very nature of addiction is the inability to control one’s compulsion. The car practically drives itself to the bar.

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    1. I agree with you and blame myself for not making it specific. Before this point which is point 5, I earlier specified on point 2 about asking for help; professional or individual.
      Actually if you go through the article again, you’ll realize that, I was providing solutions in a process. Point 5 comes at the end, when the patient has already asked for help, is the taking the treatment seriously, and point 5 is just a way to prevent a relapse.
      I understand your point, but know that the article follows and order from 1-5 which is a healing process.
      Thanks 🙏🙏🙏


    1. I totally agree with you and that’s why point 2 of my post talks about asking for Help. What you mentioned are the types of helps I was talking about.
      Thanks and have a nice day too☺️


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