Anita Che Buea, Cameroon

About Anita

Hi People I’m Anita, a young lady in my early 20’s dealing with anxiety and fright of becoming an adult, so I decided to write a blog (Unlocking Adulthood) to all youngsters facing or preparing to run the adulthood quest. So you need to come to my blog prepared to find some solution about this issue.

I’m currently a masters student and I firmly believe that my Adulthood knowledge and skills that i received from my elders will help us altogether to face without fear that stage of our wonderful given life.

Since I started applying the advice I had been given for almost 5 years in my life, I have been gradually seeing changes in my daily life that make me a better person to face my adulthood and my main goal is that you too should be able to give this testimony in the next 1 or 2 coming years.