Broke Mentality: Being Broke is a State of Mind

Everyone has their own definition of wealth. For some, it might be a 7-figure net worth, while for others having a roof over their heads is all they need. However, there are others that never have money or no matter how much money they have, they consider themselves broke. ‘Broke’ mentality is a mindset developed […]

Broke Mentality: Being Broke is a State of Mind
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  • Christmas Should Be Postponed
    I might be an adult, but I still want Christmas clothes.
    Throughout my life, I have seen people kill, kidnap, trick, fraud, torture, exploit and even destroy others because of money. That is why I say, MONEY IS EVIL IN DISGUISE.
  • Are You Suffering? Continue It’s Your Turn!!
    Have you ever wondered why life is so hard on you? and why you are faced with lots of hardship which makes you to suffer? Well just continue suffering it’s your turn!
  • You are ready to leave home if you can do the following;(Part 1)
    It’s obvious you can take your independence and leave home but without money, it’s going to be really difficult. Leaving home is a crazy idea that hits the minds of most adolescents. Now you’re an adult, things aren’t the way you thought some years back
  • You are ready to leave home if you can do the following;(part 2)
    As seen in the previous post, leaving home is an easy decision but difficult experience. Continue reading to know if you are actually ready to leave home
  • You must be shameless if you are an adult and still do this
    As an adult, there are certain things you shouldn’t do, think or say. Such things are meant to be left in your childhood you must be shameless if you are an adult and still do this:
  • Do I really have to save?
    it’s been a festive period, a lot of expenditures were made for various celebrations. But this is a new year so let’s talk about saving.
  • As a young adult, this is what you should invest in👇👇👇
    The reason why most people don’t get rich is because they don’t invest, rather, they consume(spend). There is nothing wrong in spending your money, after all, you worked for it. But if you have big dreams or ambitions, continue reading to know what to invest in as a young adult.
  • Investment; A Gain or Loss Game!!
    Investment isn’t for fable minds, it’s for matured minds only. Investment is a synonymous to a game, you either lose or win. But as in every game remember the general rule which states, “you can’t win all the time!”
  • Let Me Teach You How To Be Rich
    Do you think life is hard on you and you want your financial status to change? Do you want to become rich? Do you know you can have the money you have always wanted? Continue reading to discover how.
  • I Just Want To Be Rich!😞
    Life is hard! Feels like it isn’t going to get better, but I just want to be Rich!
  • As an adult, Should My Parents still give me money?
    Have you ever wondered if your parents still need to give you money, despite the fact that you’re an adult? Do you have a sense of guilt each time your parents give you money? Do you think your parents have to continue giving you money? Well, just Continue reading to get more insights.
  • Ambition : The Ultimate secret to Wealth
    To be successful isn’t a day’s job. One must nurture the attitude of succeeding both physically and mentally. No matter how hardworking you are, if you are not ambitious, it’ll be difficult to climb the “social ladder”. Inorder to be wealthy, you must leave your comfort zone and strive for something greater than what you current have.
  • While you are busy chatting online, people are making millions: see how👇👇
    While you are busy chatting online, people are making millions from social media. See how;
  • What can I do with my excess cash?
    Having some excess cash and not knowing what to do with it? It’s ok! As a young adult, there are lots of things you can do with your excess cash. Continue reading to know more.


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