Poverty is just a State of Mind!

Being broke is temporal, but being poor is a state of mind.

Being broke is temporal but being poor is eternal

Robert Kiyosaki

Before some people will crucify me, but before they do that, let’s get a glimpse of the context of Poverty, which is appropriate to this article.

Poverty basically will mean the inability to provide for basic needs. But in this context, poverty here refers to the state of mind of always wanting more.

For that, there are 2 types of poverty: absolute poverty and relative poverty.

A little difference between the types of poverty.

Our focus here is not on absolute poverty but on relative poverty.

Human beings are characterized with unlimited wants which makes them describe themselves often as being “poor” whereas they are not.

There are a lot of genuinely poor people out there, but they don’t shout it out on housetops or social media, No! Because they don’t want to wallow in self pity.

Now here is the truth: the difference between being poor or rich, lies with the aspect of being CONTENTED.

Yes, you heard me right!! Be contented.

Have you ever wondered why some people are not happy in life? It is because they can’t seem to accept and be grateful for what GOD has done for them. Yes, they always want more. But, it’s okay, No problem!! But I hope you know, your wants are unlimited and you might never be totally satisfied.

Even the most richest and most influential men in the world today, still look for new and prospective business deals. They already have money, a lot of it. But, they still want more.

Someone might have 2 million Fcfa in his bank account, but is living in misery in the name of wanting to have more. Claiming to be poor, while forgetting to know that there are people out there who don’t have a dime.

So now, should we then continue to suffer with the money we have because we expect more in the future? Certainly not! the future is bleak.

Being contented does not in anyway mean being lazy or not growing ambitions, No! Being contented means, appreciating what you have, and learn to live with it while expecting for more.

When certain individuals talk about being “poor“, you look at them and know it’s an insult to people living in actual poverty.

How can someone have a job, a place to sleep, food to eat, water to drink and even some little extra cash saved, yet they say, they are “poor“? That’s a typical insult to people who don’t have food, nor water, nor shelter. Infact, it is offensive!

I am not a critic, nor a fan. I’m just a realist growing up to Adulthood. My opinion!!



  1. Thanks for this post Mme CHE. I actually have a friend of mine whoโ€™s suffering from poverty as a state of mind (relative). The guy purchases high quality phones which cost a lot but still, he complains life is hard

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