You are ready to leave home if you can do the following;(part 2)

As seen in the previous post, leaving home is an easy decision but difficult experience. Continue reading to know if you are actually ready to leave home.

Can you handle people and anger?

Remember that time when Mum or Dad will defend you when you are in trouble?, If you are planning on leaving home you have got to put that behind you. Becoming independent also goes with the aspect of being able to control your emotions and the things surrounding them. You have to bare in mind that the world is full of different types of people; bad people, strategic people, people with complicated attitudes, and even abusive people. So the issue is, are you able to control your emotions and tolerate people’s character?

If no, then you have to double think about your decision of leaving home.

Oh home, sweet home!

You need to build yourself emotionally before leaving home;

What about stress and hardship? What if upon leaving home things don’t move well? Will you be able to support it or will you go back to your parents? If your answers are in the positive then you are ready to leave home but if not, I think you should work on your emotions first before considering leaving home.

Each step signifies each thought of leaving home.

Are you sure you can deal with the emotions of leaving home?

Leaving home might require of you to move in to another city or maybe country, now the issue is, are you ready to separate from your parents and siblings? To say goodbye and to leave them of which you’ll start visiting them only once in a while? It’s a whole lot of emotions that you will unfortunately have to deal with.


And finally, do you still want to leave home?

Funny and absurd question, right? But if you are envisaging to take your independence and leave home, I’ll advise you answer these questions to yourself.

My goal is not to discourage young adults from taking their independence and leaving home (The Joy of Independence that comes with Adulthood), my goal is to pass on to you and enlighten you about how the life of an adult is. Nobody said becoming an adult will be easy; it’s a whole heck of an experience. If you are not ready to go through the experience, it is advisable to take your time before you move, especially if no one is chasing you.

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