You are ready to leave home if you can do the following;(Part 1)

It always gets exciting when you start thinking of leaving home. It’s obvious, you can take your independence and leave home but without money, it’s going to be really difficult. Leaving home is a crazy idea that hits the minds of most adolescents. But now that you’re an adult, do you still want to leave home?

Indeed, life is complex, but deciding about leaving home is one huge responsibility. Some years ago, I had this crazy idea of leaving home. I had no idea of where I’ll go to, all i knew was I needed to be independent. To me, it seemed sleeping under a bridge was more comfortable than sleeping in our house, as long as I can be free and do whatever I wanted. Weird, right? But almost all adolescents think about it. Some don’t only think about it, but they also actually go ahead to leave home without a plan..

Do i really want to leave home?

You are ready to leave home if you fulfill the following;

You need to have a place where you’ll live;

When you feel ready and able to be on your own, the first step is to get a place to stay. It mustn’t be an apartment you bought with your money, the place need not to be luxurious, remember at the beginning it’ll be difficult to stay alone but your focus should be a good accommodation. You could equally get an apartment and share the rent with friends.

But where do I really belong?

Moving on, another aspect will be, can you handle your bills?

Do I have a source of income? can I pay my bills and still be able to save? what happens on my rainy days? will I still pay my bills if I loss my job? will my parents contribute to my first step of leaving home or do I have to do this all by myself?. These are questions that you need to ask yourself if you are planning on leaving home. If you can’t pay your bills it means you are not yet ready to leave home. Leaving home means being independent which implies taking full charge of all your expenses. Mum or dad won’t be the one to pay the bills anymore. Read more on How can a Young adult make Money?

If you have ever thought of Leaving home or you want to leave home, note this: leaving home is a simple decision but requires a lot of guts and dedication to implement it.

To be continued…….!!!!!!You are ready to leave home if you can do the following;(part 2)

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