Adulthood and Emotional Maturity.

When it comes to emotions, there is no such thing like emotional neutrality. At some point, it doesn’t matter whether you are a youngster, an adult or aged, we all get caught up in a lot of emotions. However, as adults, we have to balance up our emotions.

Being an adult doesn’t necessarily mean you are emotionally matured. It takes morethan age to confront emotional issues. As a young adult, you ought to exercise some degree of emotional maturity. But wait, what really is emotional maturity.

Emotional Maturity is the ability of controlling one’s feelings and keeping a cold head in decision making despite the fact that, the emotional “atmosphere” is chaotic.

Always try to control your emotions especially when the atmosphere is fill with too many emotions. Keep calm!!!

With emotional maturity, it is no longer only about I.

It isn’t all about what you think, feel or want. Be mature enough to understand that somethings aren’t possible and we ought to sacrifice our feelings sometimes either to please the ones we love or to achieve our goals in life.

It is not because you’re hurt that it should justify your actions! It is not because things aren’t going as planned that’s why you should fall in to depression. For crying out loud, nobody ever said life is easy. Being mature means being independence in all its sense (emotional independence). You can’t hang your life around the feelings other people have for you. That is called emotional dependency.

One powerful way to attain emotional maturity is by taking responsibilities. Yes, at times, it’s not all about what you feel, think or want. It’s time to grow up. Your mood will change, feelings will come and go but you must understand that, your actions cannot be retrieved.

Now this is what I’m talking about!


One of the signs of emotional maturity is the ability to admit one’s mistakes Rather than choose to give justifications or make pretences about your mistakes, why not just admit them and apologize; It’s more matured.

I urge all young adults out there not to allow their feelings interfer with the decisions that requires a rational mind. Emotional Maturity is very important, as we can’t allow ourselves be controlled by every wave of emotions.

Thank you!

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      1. You’re welcome! Well, I am still mentally in my 20’s…or should I say again. Somehow I feel as if I had gone to the past with time machine. I’m back that sensitive, lost girl. 😄 Maybe it’s hormones, like pre-menopausal years…

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  1. I think this post is the best you’ve ever posted. A lot of Emotional immatures go around every day and waste their lives just because they weren’t able to control their feelings. Being mature emotionally is very important in today’s world

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