The Joy of Independence that comes with Adulthood

Fantasizing about finally becoming an adult and taking your independence? huh! That’s a pump of an excitement you got there. You’ll probably be  thinking when you become an adult, you will  be getting to live alone, make your own choices, be treated as an adult, go out whenever you want, make important decisions for yourself, escape parental control, everything to do with the perfect life.

Getting your independence can be quite exciting because it doesn’t only mean being an adult but to be treated as an adult. Weird but your parents will always see you as their baby but at least they won’t have the same degree of control over you though.

In the world at large, independence is granted upon the attainment of 18 or 21 years (depending on the country). But in Africa and Cameroon in particular, the reverse is somehow true as this is the age range where parents believe that young adults need guidance in order not to mess up their lives (strange, right?).

Nevertheless, adulthood is an exciting and unique stage in live, so in order to unlock and freely enjoy your adulthood, you need to be independent.

Independence is an amazing experience!

 As exciting as it might be, one must face reality that becoming independent is not always bread and honey.  You know, leaving alone isn’t a big deal but paying your rent, your bills, feeding, your outing or shopping expenses and all other responsibilities you could think of, is a big deal. Some young adult find this frustrating, devastating, scaring thus they freak out. As of me, I’ll rather say it’s a challenging stage (moment) of life.

Adulthood is a challenge, only the brave can survive through a successful adulthood. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t change the fact adulthood comes with the joy of independence.  But I got a tip for you on some tricks to help you enjoy your independence.

These are some of the things to avoid in order to enjoy your independence;

Becoming an adult comes with a whole lot of expenses, so, the trick is, don’t add to it. For example having a baby, suffering from addiction; be it alcohol or drugs, and living a life that doesn’t reflect your income, these things will only add up to the long list of things you got to do while independent. This might wear you thus leading to frustration.

Too many responsibilities can lead to frustration

Also, read my former blog post about tips on how to make money at, this will help you improve your finances.

However, no one is saying you shouldn’t enjoy your independence. But my take on is, responsibilities + more responsibilities= possible frustration.  Wise up! Check the life of some young adults who made it in their early 20’s you’ll see that they had fewer liabilities and more assets. Adulthood is a Quest, together, let’s run the race. Next on my mind is writing about <<How to spend money>>.

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