How can a Young adult make Money?

How to make money can be complex as many people turn to misunderstand it. Nobody needs to tell you “hey! You need to get a job/work before you can make money,” huh! Its obvious money won’t fall from the sky but as a young adult, try to put the following in to practice and remember success is our final goal.

Follow your Passion

Every time I hear someone tell me about following my passion, I think of the Maslow hierarchy of needs, specifically the self actualization needs. When I was thought about the Maslow hierarchy of needs, I was also told a lot of people never reach that state which is true. A lot of time we tend to forgo all our passions and skills thinking that they are not going to produce any thing other than personal satisfaction. you will continue to believe this until you start realizing that the same passion you think is not worth your time to focus on is the same passion other people are using to make money. Your passion can take you to higher heights than you can imagine. Whatever be your passion, it can be monetized. Yes, it can be. Is your passion writing, sports, drama, poetry, farming, storytelling , making music, singing, designing, makeup artist , just to name a few, monetize it. Join clubs, groups, and social media platforms, even on your own personal accounts you can still showcase your talent(s)/passion(s). Say No to shame! It isn’t going to put cash in to your pockets see Adulthood and Money

It gives you an advanced level of happiness.

Come on! the society is fast evolving, it isn’t the moment to stay in your comfort zone. The world needs you, we ( young adults) need you. The talent you have could be an inspiration to someone. Even if you don’t follow your passion, never trade it for anything.

Make Use of the Slightest Opportunity

Like the sayings goes “an opportunity only comes but once”. Learn to be smart. The fact that things, might not be moving now doesn’t mean it won’t be better tomorrow. Whatever opportunity you got, no matter how little it is. Search for small jobs, part time jobs, basically just to build your experience (How can a Young adult make Money?). opportunities can come in several forms, however, it doesn’t mean you should lose your dignity because you are searching for opportunities, remember you deserve better and you can achieve greater.

Don’t forget, success is our goal.

Keep yourself busy with interesting THINGS

I recently came across a short video from a speech by OPRAH. According to this video, you become an excellent communicator just by reading. Statistics has also shown that people who read a lot tend to be great thinkers and usually appear to be smarter. It might not be reading, but just get busy with things that you catch good vibes from them. From there you can acquire new skills. Even if there are people you vibe with, you can still make the most out of your time spend together. This might not bring you money per se but it helps you emotionally not to drown yourself all the time with the pressure and fear of succeeding.

No matter what we do in life, people will definitely criticize. Majority will mock at you, others will cheer you up, while some will try to discourage you, the project you are investing in might be failing, you might be fed up with your situation, but listen i got this for you; life mustn’t always be the best, you must learn strive hard, patience is a virtue. The focus is on your future not on your present. I hope the above provides you a guide on how to make money while unlocking your adulthood.

Be careful of your associations

The people you surround yourself with can either build you or break you. A lot of times, dreams and visions are killed by simply coming in contact with the wrong set of people. We may thing “oh I am so determined no body can stop me”, but the truth is the more you hang around people that do not have the same goals or similar objectives as you, the more your dreams and ambitions start to die. You will be amazed by the number of things you can accomplish when you surround yourself with the right people. This does not means you are not allowed to be around the people that are consider dear to you, this simply means you should reduce your contact with such people especially if they are not willing to grow or help you grow.

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  1. It is amazing the number of things we can actually do if we put our time and determination to do it. Some times the best thing to do is to try and fail. A lot of things I have learned as a young adult come from the failures I have acquired over the years. My favorite part on this post is “keep yourself busy with interesting things”. A lot of times the things we find interesting are actually the things we should not be focusing on. interesting to me simply means things that are fruitful for your growth. We might find things like watching Netflix or watching tiktok videos or hanging out with friends to be interesting, but the most important thing is to focus on interesting thing that can make us grow. Thank you for sharing this post, I really enjoyed reading it as I do all your other posts.

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