Are You Suffering? Continue It’s Your Turn!!

Have you ever wondered why life is so hard on you? and why you are faced with lots of hardship which makes you to suffer? Well I have asked myself the same questions and I came to realized that it is a normal process of growing and it is a part of adulthood. You might be thinking that it is not right, but I tell you just continue suffering it’s your turn!

Hardship is part of life whether you are poor or rich; at least once in your life, you will encounter a challenge that might lead you to a period of hardship. These challenges might include; failure to close a business deal, inability to take care of your needs, misfortune, or even the simple inability to get the boy or girl you love.

Why Happiness?

Our concern here is, what attitude should we put up in moments of suffering? Do you need to drown in tears because you are suffering? Certainly not! A lot of people will go for the safe measure and just cry their pain out and then do nothing about it. As a young adult, you must train yourself for moments of hardship. If no one has told you this yet, life isn’t a bed of roses. Nobody said the journey would be easy, it is up to you if you want things to be easy or keep selling on the fact that life is hard.

Why Me?

The most asked question in moments of suffering is always “why me?” Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this?. Reflection; Why not you? Who did you want it to be? Why must it be somebody else and not you? Who deserves to suffer?

You won’t suffer forever, it’s just your turn!

Complicated right? The truth is we must go through some certain stages and situations in life in order to make us strong and give us the knowledge that we will apply or push down to others in the future. We all will encounter difficult moments one day; maybe not in the same context, but we definitely will.



At one point of my adulthood journey, I could not understand why things got tough some times, so I decided to talk to adult who has had more experience in life than I have. It turns out even though it is seen as suffering, whatever we go through during our young adult life, prepares us for a better future. Every successful adult has a story to share and this stories are not full of roses. We actually need to get through some tough times before we get to our destinations.

No matter what you go through, you are allowed to shade some tears, you are allowed to be angry, but once you are done doing all this, clean those tears, get rid of that anger, and the hate you carry in your heart in the name of suffering. Get back up and try again. You are not alone. The table keeps spinning. It’s you today, tomorrow might be my turn. Nevertheless, always keep your mind focused.

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