I Just Want To Be Rich!😞

When you hit adulthood, there is this feeling of longing to fulfil your dreams. Dreams of having it all. If you are from the middle class or lower class, you’ll definitely have a perfect understanding of what I’m talking about.

Life is hard! Feels like it isn’t going to get better, but I just want to be Rich! Is it too much asked?

I have dreams too, but I know despite my dreams, I need to be rich. I can’t allow myself be a failure, I want to succeed because I need to succeed.

Is it too much asked?

My Ambition, My Wealth

My ambition, is what what keeps me going. I don’t want to be famous, I just want to be rich. I just want to pay my bills without checking my account balance.

A Stress-free life, is what I want!

As a young adult, ambitions is what you need. You can’t live a life without any ambitions, no prospects, and no goal. You have to develop the ambition, the passion to keep going and the strive to move forward.

No one said your ambitions should lead you to engage in fictitious activities all in the name of, you want to make money. Take out some time to read this:You must be shameless if you are an adult and still do this, to become familiar with some certain character traits that need not be attributed to an adult.

A Little Piece just for you;

Deep down in my heart, I know I can be contented with just being happy, but my ambitions won’t let me.

I can’t accept to fail, because failure isn’t part of me.

My heart ❤️ breaks with the thought of not making it.

I just want to be rich, is it too much asked?

As a young adult, this should be your thoughts!!

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  1. Life is hard, but it’s important to remember that the universe doesn’t owe us anything. It’s a tough pill to swallow…. but nobody owes us riches. Also, by desiring wealth, we ultimately end up suffering in the process because we desire the result so badly and thus, fail to enjoy the present moment for what it is. My advice is to let go of the desire and work hard. Start to embrace the process of failure and struggle. Nobody who ended up becoming successful did it without some kind of struggle or hard work (most of them are not willing to admit that).
    I highly highly recommend listening to the podcast by Andy Frisella. He got me through some tough times. Although I am by no means rich, I accomplished some big goals from hard work, grit, and perseverance. Go back to his earlier episodes, specifically the MFCEO series. It’s life-changing. 🙌

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  2. Being rich is good; the benefits are awesome! Recently I have come to think our definition of riches does not aligne with Gods Defination of rich. I also feel sometimes God does not bless us with too much riches because we just can’t handle it

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  3. It’s not too much to ask. I asked the same question to a rich person and they did me riches are a mindset. We tune into the vibration of riches by thinking wealthy thoughts and taking inspired actions. I’m still tuning to it though😏 it’s a process

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