How good hygiene influences your health.

Hello guys!!

Welcome once more to my blog. Today’s article will be focused the relationship between Hygiene and Health.

Actually, there is a direct relationship between Hygiene and Health. It is difficult for the latter to exist without the former, though the former can exist without the latter.

The various types of hygiene to practice are:

Especially with the outbreak of covid-19, the washing of hands has become important.

1. Wash your hands often, especially before and after meals.

2. Wash fruits thoroughly before eating.

3. Wash food stuffs before cooking.

4. Bathe at least twice a day.

5. Brush your teeths at least twice a day.

6. Make sure your environment is clean especially the kitchen and bathroom.

7. Drink portable water.

8. Avoid eating in non-hygienic restaurants or eatery.

There are certain things we do ignorantly but that are wrong.

9. Trim your nails short to avoid germs.

10. Change underwear often. Avoid wearing one underwear for too long.

11. Avoid places that are too crowdy.

12. Wash and iron dresses before wearing.

Health is wealth but Hygiene Is free.

13. Avoid eating uncovered food.

14. Wash all private parts thoroughly.

15. Stop littering around.

Dear young adults, at your age, you’re still young, you don’t have many health complications yet. So what I’ll suggest you do is: take care of your Health now by practicing good hygiene.

At your age, good hygiene is what you need. If you can keep up with a good hygiene, it’ll reduced the quantity of drugs intake or Health failures.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Come to think of it, most Health conditions is as a result of germs/bacterias/viruses. And sadly, do you know where these come from and infect us? It’s is as a result of our poor hygiene.

So please, let’s practice a good hygiene inorder to be healthy.



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