Is My Health considered as Wealth?

It is an amazing feeling to be in good health ☺️. You can eat all the dishes you like without restrictions; you can do all activities that you want; you can do everything without really getting to bother if you it’ll affect your health or not.

Health is wealth. Treasure it!
Your health is your wealth. Treasure it!

People with health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, kidney failure, hypertension etc, can’t live a complete normal life like others. They have some certain restrictions on which they have to live on.

They have to eat specific meals, drinks, practice a particular sports etc.

But why allow your health to deteroriate before taking measures?

As a young adult, we have to control what we eat and the activities you carry out because, your diet and activities of today will determine your health of tomorrow.

It’s only for you and the Holy Spirit.

For good health, let’s ask questions like:

  • What are your eating habits?

Eating too much junk food, sugar, salt and cubes is the fastest way to destroy your health at your youthful age. The consequences will be highly felt during your old age with sickness such as diabetes, hypertension etc. So, inorder to live healthy, control your eating habit.

Fruits and vegetables are of great benefits. why not reduce your meat intake and consume more of vegetables, it’ll help you alot. Equally, eat fruits at least once a day to boost your digestive system.

  • Whats your attitude towards smoking and drinking?

OMG! Smoking and drinking is very common amongst young adults nowadays but to be honest, it destroys your health.

Smoking damages the lungs, while excessive drinking can lead to heart problems, liver problems and even stroke. Thus, if you reduce the rate at which, or stop drinking and smoking, you’ll be garanteed a healthier life.

Makes you happy too.
  • How often do you do exercises?

Did I hear you say everyday? Or did you say never?

Hmmm, if your answer is “Never”, I’m telling you, it’s pretty bad😞. Exercises are good for your health, they keep you in shape and reduce the risk of you getting sick by up to 40%. So start working out today to live a healthy life.

And if your answer is “everyday”, then that’s great, continue you’re doing well. Keep up!

Lastly, An apple a day keeps you off the doctor.

With this, practice eating an apple fruit everyday, it’ll help you not to visit the doctor often.

Practice this and say goodbye to injections and drugs.
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