Why is HIV/AIDs Common Amongst youths? An advice!

Reflecting on why HIV/AIDs is common amongst youths, I realized that, it is the activities most youths carryout that increases their exposure to the virus.

Apart from the virus being transmitted at birth from mother to child, there are other ways through which young adults are more exposed to HIV/AIDS.

Youths should rise against HIV/AIDs.

Note: HIV is the virus while AIDs is the Disease. When you get infected with the HIV virus, then you are said to have AIDs.

Nevertheless, in this post I’ll like to share some advice on how the HIV virus can be prevented.

One must know and understand that, this virus Isn’t like other viruses for example, covid-19. HIV on its own has a very mild or in some cases little or no symptoms. Especially during the beginning stages of the infection.

This therefore means that, many people can be carriers of the virus without knowing. That’s why my advice goes thus:

Awareness is better than cure!

1. Do you HIV tests after every 3months.

If you think 3months is too recurrent for you, you can decide to do it twice a year that is with a 6months intervals.

Note: it’s better to get know your status and get treated rather than allow the virus kill you from inside.

Please let’s protect ourselves!

Anti-retroviral drugs are free treatment given to AIDs patients which enables them live a normal life. However, as of date, there’s is no definite cure for HIV/AIDs.

2. Avoid Pre-marital sex

I know by saying this , I have nailed it!!😅😅 and most youths won’t agree with me on the this. But I can assure you, it’s one of the best way to avoid HIV.

A question for thoughts!

Most youths will say Contraceptives such as condoms could be used to avoid HIV and other STDs but I’m telling you, Abstinence is the best. Besides why should we even talk about Contraceptives when abstinence is the key. Why risk it?

Abstinence V. Contraceptives

Abstinence is a personal decision of which a person decides not to engage in any sexual intercourse with the the opposite or same sex before marriage. This is done inorder to avoid HIV or STDs or perhapsfor religiousreasons. It is the most efficient method of preventing HIV.

Virginity is not a defect, it’s your pride!!

Contraceptives (in here referring mainly to condoms) on the other hand, is a preventive linen that protects parties involved in sexual intercourse against HIV or STDs.

Condoms are very risky as they can fall off, be removed or burst during sexual intercourse thereby leaving the parties vulnerable to HIV or STDs.

Say No to premarital sex.

So right now, the ball is in your court, choose which to practice.

3. Avoid sharing sharp objects with others

Avoid Sharing sharp objects such as blades, needles, knives etc. This is because, If a carrier cuts any part of his/her body, and you subsequently use it and cut yourself too, you might get infected with the virus too.

This is to encourage you that being HIV positive doesn’t make you less of a being. Once you take your drugs, you can live a normal life.

I hope my advice meets the right ears. Please do well to leave a comment in the comment section and we’ll be happy if you could check out other blog posts from us.

If you notice these symptoms, why not rush to a nearby hospital for an HIV test?



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