What’s My covid-19 Status?

Have you done your covid-19 test? Ooops! Sorry I know, it’s none of my business.

However, something I will like to talk on, is the attitude of the society towards covid-19 testing.

The negative attitude of society towards the covid-19 testing and vaccine is because of the believe that the virus has been politicalize.

Most people think the virus is as a result of politics and the thought is being enhanced by the different vaccines from different nations. Making it look more political than social.

The fight against this virus is a Battle, everyone has to fight to ensure defeat.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean we should allow ourselves to doom because maybe the virus has been politicalize or not.

As young adults, we got a life to live and to fight for. There is a long way journey ahead of us. Please let’s protect ourselves and the future generation.

Do your covid-19 tests, and follow all the preventive measures to curb this deadly virus.

Blogging on COVID-19 is my own way in which I choosed to help the population by sensitizing them on the virus. What about you? What have you done to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus?

The psychological aspect if Covid-19 is quite dangerous as the physical aspect. And everyone is vulnerable to it.

Please stay tunned for my upcoming blog post titled ” Reasons why HIV/AIDS is common amongst youths”. This is still in line with our most recent topic, Adulthood and health.

Thank you☺️☺️


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