Love is not Enough!πŸ’”

Do you wonder why people love each other but don’t end up together? Do you know why lovers breakup after years of dating? Does the word divorce baffles you? Are you overwhelmed with the idea of being in a relationship? Well, as a young adult, it is fundermental for you to understand that, love is not enough! anyway in most circumstances it isn’t enough.

It is imperative for one to understand why we say “love is not enough”. Because, it’s not just a statement, it’s a whole bunch truth wrapped in a statement. For more insight, let us look at the following:

Why is love not enough?

These are some reasons why love is not enough:

1. Money:

Yes! it boils down to money. Money! Money! Money! In our modern society today, one cannot sideline the fact that, money has become the center of our day-to-day life. People need money for one purpose or the other.

In life, love is not enough! Because there are certain things love can’t buy. At one point, when you realize how fierce life can be (by this I mean poverty), you’ll understand that love is not enough!

Have you ever watched a loved one die because of no money? Imagine having your kids sleep with an empty stomach! Picture Bea in distress but you can’t help! Love is truly not enough!

2. Life

Has life ever shown you it’s ugly side before? Have you ever wished to die? Have you ever attempted suicide before? It is in such moments that the clear of “love is not enough” will be portrayed.

3. Tradition/ Parents

Love is not enough because at one point, we would have to please our elders or tradition at the expense of the one we love.

At times their love can be hard!

This is typical in African societies where the one you love and want to marry is rejected by your family for one reason or another (maybe tradition) , so, you are forced to leave the one you love cause love is not enough!

4. Hardship

It is in times of struggle when the love of man grows cold and his feelings becomes numb. To him, he’ll see love as a taboo, a weakness he’ll say. Hardship has proven that, love is not enough!

When is Love not Enough?

– when one party gives up on love

– when fear supercede love

– when self interest is approved over joint interest

– when the love is weak

– when both parties give up

– when you want to help, but you can’t help

– when there are force majeures (circumstances out of your control)

– when you decide to give up

The ultimate power of the heart

How can I make my love to be Enough?

  1. Be patient
  2. Have endurance
  3. Respect each other
  4. Understand life is not a bed of roses
  5. Be contented
  6. Be hardworking
  7. Be supportive
  8. Be rational
  9. Be critical
  10. Be open minded

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