Be My Val’s Date❤️❤️

I went to order a table for two in an expensive restaurant, but when I got there, I realized the other seat is going to be empty. So, will you please be my valentine date?

Everything is set, the only one missing is you!

Just ask me for the time and the place, I’ll give it to you in just a second. Assure me you’ll come and I’ll buy you a gift. But please, don’t make fake promises!

You and I till dawn!

Love is Medicine

Love is a beautiful feeling

It rules your heart and provides healing

Even when torture tries killing and pain dares sneaking

Love always steps in to give life that feeling

Life is toxic

Full of terrifying logics

But love always provides the magic

Which turns life fantastic

Ntui-Oben Achaleoma
If you want, I’ll sing it like a melody!

And now, I’ll ask again for the last time, who wants to be my valentine date?

Last call!

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N.B A date is a date no matter the sex or age of the person whom you want to go on a date with. I can still have a date with my parents, siblings or friends. 


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