Being poor is my only offence!!

As a young adult, the respect accorded to you as a working class is quite different from an unemployed. Have you ever asked yourself why people respect a mere youngster because his pockets are full but tend to humiliate others because they got nothing in their pockets. Hmmm, did you know, being poor is the reason why people don’t consider you as an adult? though you are!

Have you ever tried giving your own opinion in a gathering (maybe family gathering), yet, your thoughts are disregarded?

People tend to see you as a kid because you are not financially viable to take care of yourself. They use money as a base to synchronize your Adulthood. How dare they?!

Poverty is too expensive, I can’t afford it.

The day I came to realize that, most people use money as a base for determining whether you are an adult or not. That is, how financially independent you are. Now I have a question, ” is money a determining factor of Adulthood?” (Please I need answers 😓)

While Struggling for a brighter Future, you’re seen as a kid; a dreamer they’ll say. But when you become successful, you’re seen as an adult.

Oh young adults! How tough life is! When will everyone see that we are adults?

Together, let’s stand against poverty!

People tend to disregard your opinion about politics, lifestyle, nature, money, facts and morality. Do you know why? most often, being poor is your only “offence”! The rationale behind this attitude is that, you opinion don’t count since you can’t contribute towards the execution of your opinion.

Nevertheless, don’t let societal opinion affect you. Being an adult is not a matter of how much money you have.

Adulthood is about having a sense responsibility. Quitting childish attitudes and begin thinking like an independent person. Yes! As an adult, you’re expected to be financially independent. But it doesn’t mean that, the amount of money you have should determine how grown up you are.

It’s not you’re mistake if you were born poor, but if you die poor, it’s your mistake.

Bill Gates

We should declare war, yes! A war against Poverty! It’s time to take our Adulthood in our hands!

You can read the following posts to know more about how to get out of Poverty.

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  1. Great post, Che! If you extend your childhood to continue your education, you will probably eventually earn more money. This was an issue between my father and me when I was young. He said that as long as I was in school, I would have to abide by his rules. Being an adult means thinking for yourself and making your own decisions. I may seek several opinions when I need help in making a decision, but the final decision is still my own. 🙂 Take care, and best of luck for a bright future!

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  2. I have been fortunate my whole to sit in all the privileged groups. And it is only recently I’m understanding it is my responsibility to use that platform to change “what is” to be better.
    I am but one person who tries to choose kindness every day to health others. My main medium is through words, and sometimes I feel it’s not even close to being enough, but I keep trying.
    Thank you for your words, and the encouragement for us humans to be better each day. Thank you for reminding me that I need to do more, one step at a time, to be at least a tiny part of a solution. ♥

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      1. Well, I think I can now.
        Concerning who will be consider mature, I firmly believe it’s the person whom actions are more responsible than other whether he got money or no.

        Being poor doesn’t mean you never have money. Now, if every time you get your little incomes not a big amount, you do something valuable and responsible with it, people in the Family will notice it trust me.
        I say it again: respect or concern isn’t about having money or being rich. To me, those who think so are just ignorant and they are very easy to manipulate.
        No hard feelings guys🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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  3. Good afternoon, Ms. Anita Che Buea
    Thank you very much for your thoughts.
    I think the worst thing is that the white man, the African continent, has stolen people’s souls with his brutality for centuries.
    I do not believe that we humans of all kinds can solve our lives without fear, without hardship and suffering, without problems.
    I think it’s wonderful how they listen to older people and, with their knowledge and skills, want to prepare young people for adulthood.
    I cannot know whether we can become better people with just this knowledge. Trying to change myself for the better every day can be a path.
    Wealth, possessions, money, status and dignity say nothing about the character of the individual.
    Poor are those, the people, whose dignity is trampled underfoot. I can’t expect anyone to respect my way of doing things, with the worldview that I consider essential, to respect me.
    I am an old man and some still treat me as a child.
    I know that real poverty, without a roof over your head, in hunger and misery, because of rape, from external power, helps good speech, absolutely nothing.
    That is why it takes a courageous woman like her who works for equality, the dignity of all people, every day.
    The poorest of the poor, they pay with their lives, ours, sin
    and guilt, through oppression, slavery, wars, exploitation, all over the world, in Africa, we, as the white man.
    A person without sympathy, without appreciation of his person, alone he will not be able to free himself from psychological and physical distress. No, if he dies poor, it is not his fault alone.
    A powerful man, can be over the control consciousness to make even more money, over himself, his behavior, his actions to be omnipotent, for me he is not grown up.
    For me, being an adult means accepting life as it really is. In every subjective moment. A decision of my own to make before the act and then for myself, the courage to make one’s own judgment in front of myself, of what has been done.
    With kind regards
    I wish you the very best
    Hans Gamma

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    1. Hello Mr Hans Gamma

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I really do appreciate!
      I’m very honoured and happy that aged people read my posts and find it interesting.

      Yes, it’s sad that people want to use material things to determine if someone is an adult or not. This has made many young adults to fall in a state of depression and fear, that’s why most often they turn to alcohol and drugs for consolation.

      And as for the aged, seemingly, when all strength is gone, they treat people like a kid because they are no longer physically fit.

      Whatever be the case, thank you for making the purpose of my blog come true!

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      1. Good afternoon, Ms. Anita Che Buea

        I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

        My answer:

        Illnesses such as depression, anxiety, mental illnesses are, I would almost like to say, an epidemic that is taboo in the world of white people. Add to that alcohol and drugs.

        What I am telling you is an attempt to answer. It is important to me to respect the indivisible human dignity, of the bad and the good.

        My effectiveness, I am only speaking words, cannot be compared with the help you try to give the people around you.

        Even if I am no longer fit as I would like, my heart is committed to the life of all people.

        Best regards
        Hans Gamma

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    2. Good evening sir, I don’t know of course but listen to this.
      For people to respect you you don’t essentially need to have money or to be white or black but you must have a character and set actions that will lead people to respect you. You can’t be a compromising person and still hope any respect from people. You can’t be a gangster, a whore, a gossip person and still hope people to respect you. I’m talking from experience and that’s the reason why I don’t really agree with Mme Che today’s article though it’s quite interesting

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      1. Hello friend☺️. Thank you for commenting but I think you misunderstood me. I’m not talking about respect in the strict sense.
        Listen, who cares about what the poor think? People don’t really care.
        That same scenario applies with young adults. At 30 if you are not financially independent, people won’t treat you as an adult but an 18yrs with cash in his pockets is considered to be more matured.

        In Africa, the most common example is seen in family meeting. According to the scenario above, using your experience in Africa, who do you think will be considered matured to give a suggestion at that meeting?

        I’ll be kindly waiting for your reply.


      2. Good evening Herr Hug Peter

        Thank you for your words.

        My answer:

        I appreciate your opinion, however, I zweilfe since the beginning of my life on my own character traits.

        I am between good and bad, every day my own judgment, the better to act, in my own way, exposed to the decision.

        My basic attitude that the dignity, the bad and the good is essentially indivisible.

        I do not make my attitude a dogma that another person has to claim for himself.

        I will not take a gangster, a whore, a gossip person, a violent criminal, all the evil that exists in reality, their dignity.

        I don’t have to do anything for someone else to treat me with respect, I can, I want to, as best I can, meet all people with their dignity.

        I wish you the very best.
        Best regards
        Hans Gamma


  4. I think a majority of people think that financial independence is the secret to reaching adulthood, but is it? Other suggestions are having a full-time job, living separately from parents, buying a home, completing education, getting engaged or married, having children, or having a serious relationship.

    Hell, to me a poor man on the street can more of an adult in his actions than a so-called rich and famous man who thinks only of himself!

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