What can I do with my excess cash?

After having paid all your bills and expenses and you still have some excess cash left, here is the way forward.

1. Save it

Saving is indeed important see more on Do I really have to save?.

With your excess cash, you could save it, and when it attains a consequential amount, invest it.

2. Take care of your parents

You know, life isn’t always about money, there are some certain people that worth more than that.

Spend on your parents, they deserve it!

If you got some excess cash, spend on your parents for they deserve it. They have spend alot on you, so, it’s but fair that you lend them a helping hand too.

3. Enjoy yourself

Life is short! Yes, indeed life is short. You have just one Adulthood, remember you won’t be young forever. Enjoy your Adulthood to the fullest, it’s your duty😉.

Once in a while, the focus should be you and not others!

You can’t be a slave of your hard earned money! Learn to enjoy it. Have some good time. Once in a while, you owe yourself that favour, it’s the product of your hard work anyway.

4. Investment

Investment; A Gain or Loss Game!!: It’s a fact, Investing is a risk but as a young adult, you got to be shrewd. You should not spend today at the expense of tomorrow.

5. Help others

There is a great joy in helping others who are in need. Philanthropists and humanitarians are not “aliens”. Always help others that are in need because, life is a circle, as you help others in need, others will help you along your Adulthood journey.

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