Investment; A Gain or Loss Game!!

Investment isn’t for fable minds, it’s for matured minds only. Investment is a synonymous to a game, you either lose or win. But as in every game remember the general rule which states, “you can’t win all rounds, all the time!”

You must be ready to lose and at the same time ready to win.

If you are scared of loosing and as such, you don’t want to risk your savings, then sorry! because you are not ready to invest.

Investment needs a neutral mind, a mind whereby; is either I win or I lose, I’ll accept it.

Remember if you lose one investment it doesn’t mean you will continue losing or you’ll lose all your investments.

Let’s grab a quick example on an investment in shop. It isn’t everyday that the business will sell well. Some days it’ll be very good, others bad and some very bad. But does it mean you should close up your shop because things aren’t stable. The answer is, No.

Bounce back on your feet, and reinvest in your business. If it’s too bad that investing in to it will be an apparent loss, then practice damage control. Gather all what you can and invest in another sector.

I’m not saying you should continue investing in an apparently failing business. But rather choose your investment wisely and stick to it, only leave it “when the ship is about to sink” . Because for every investment you make, you must run the risk of either wining or loosing.

For matured minds only.

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  1. A great read on investment.
    When planning to invest , you need to consult widely especially the market players depending on the business you intend to set up. Performing a SWOT ANALYSIS is crucial and help ; you get to understand the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the very investment you intend to engage in. Lastly, a sound decision-making lies with you.

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