Money is one of the greatest evil that exists in this life. By this, I don’t mean money in itself is evil, but, the love and selfish desire for money is what makes money evil. It’s the springboard of evil

Throughout my life, I have seen people kill, kidnap, trick, fraud, torture, exploit and even destroy others because of money. That is why I say, MONEY IS EVIL IN DISGUISE.

The love of money, a mystery.

As daunting as it might be to make money, others still find pleasure in exploiting one another because of they have money. Many people do contract sham marriages in order to gain access to 50% of their spouse’s property, of which they haven’t worked for. Others go to the extent of joining cults in order to make money. It is issues like this that made me to ask questions in my previous post like “Is my adulthood all about making money?” See it at

Nevertheless, that’s not all the evil money incites people to commit. Some people have made our struggle for success sound like futility. While we keep up with the ‘hustle’ people are busy getting out their own benefits through the ‘shady’ way.
At times life is so frustrating to the point where you start thinking of getting your hands dirty just to keep up with the competition. You think of easy modes to make quick money such as drugs dealing, prostitution, pornography, and may be theft. In the beginning you’ll claim it’s because life is difficult that’s why you do such. Besides it does not hurt anyone. That what that ‘little demon’ wants you think. Wise up!

Like a realist would say!!

Money is so evil that it has changed people’s mindset. They’ll be like “money is money, no matter the source. There is no such thing as dirty money” and I ask again, like seriously? Remember the love of money is the root to all kinds of evil.

Biblical insight

To all young people out there, listen, money is not there to control you. Rather, you are the one to control money. Money has to answer to you and not you answering to money. Money is just an asset; you should never get to the level where your money will be seen as a ‘liability’ (something that drains you). When you will hustle to the extent where, you no longer work for money but money works for you, it is only then that you will understand what I’m talking about.

You are young! Yes! You are strong! Why not optimize the opportunity to get the life that you want. It mustn’t be by tricks, or death or even endangering your own life. The issue is, are you ready to make it in life? If you are determined to make money honestly, you will make it, your determination and mindset matters (read more on ).

A triple money,pride and fame.

Having money is good. But be careful where your ambition to make money leads you to, it can be a tool as well as a weapon. Life is hard, it’s a fact. But young people are overcomers. As an adult, you still got that the fire in you to take up the challenges life throws at you. Don’t allow the demon in money seduce you, no matter how tempting it might be. Making money is simple; you need not soil your hands with blood.

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  1. Wow!! Very edifying, lady. Thanks a lot for this, Mme. Che.
    Money in itself is good, but the way we obtain it and the goal we got for the money we obtained are indeed the root of all evil. Nowadays, people with money are more and more selfish always trynna subdue those without. Sad world

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