Christmas Should Be Postponed

It’s Christmas Eve, don’t know who will give me a gift, but sadly I haven’t bought a gift either. Christmas Should be postponed because I’m not ready yet!

Have you bought a gift yet? If yes, I need mine. I need to feel like like a kid again. I want to experience the joy of Christmas. Please don’t deny me that pleasure on the excuse that I’m an adult.

I wanted to be present and savour each moment of decorating our Christmas tree, this year I didn’t decorate it. I was left out! Why? Was it because I’m now an adult? Did I refuse decorating the tree? So many questions in my mind…now the tree is standing at the edge if the house, all looking good and everyone is waiting to open their gifts in some few hours to come.

This is the Christmas tree I wanted to decorate

But my worry is, will I receive a gift? I haven’t bought one either. I have to give a gift but why not make a wish? Nevertheless, one thing is certain, if I don’t receive a gift, I’ll certainly give a gift.

A gift to the unknown

I want to swallow my pride and ask for Christmas clothes, candies,toys, shoes, and I want father Christmas to carry me so I can tell him what I want as a Christmas gift. I want to revive back the Joy of Christmas in me, a joy I think I’m gradually loosing because I’m an adult.

I still remember back in those days when the present young adult generation were kids,as funny as it may sound but Christmas was a whole lot of fun. I long for that feeling.

Come everybody, it’s reconciliation time

As an adult, I have to act all matured, spend rather than being spend on, and keep watch while my younger ones play. I used to live Christmas but now, it’s like I’m going to watch others enjoy it because everyone thinks I’m an adult.

No matter what, I won’t forget the essence of Christmas. Celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ in to our world of sin is the reason I must make haste and prepare for Christmas. I’ll lean on him as the foundation of my Christmas, for only then will I enjoy Christmas.


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